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A blogger’s aim to achieve in life is Just blogging.

Bloggers’ passion should not only be just blogging but also reflecting on their journey to reach the maximum audience. It is bloggers’ passion that I write my thoughts. I just wanted to share my view on a particular topic. I am blogging or writing; I just want to share my thoughts with you. We think about countless matters relating to life and linking to nature. The thinking process starts in the morning and ends at night before sleep. If I say I love to write and share with everybody, would it be right to call me a passionate blogger? You have to go to the end of any direction. Therefore, the goal of passionate bloggers in life is to arrive at a conclusion or decision to choose a new idea.

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Table of Contents

  1. A blogger’s aim to achieve in life is Just blogging.
    1. How to start a blog?
      1. Can I just passionately blog about my life?
      2. Are blogs still profitable in 2024?
      3. Types of Blogs.
      4. Bloggers’ passion is Niche Selection for blogging.
          1. What is a niche?
      5. Domain and Hosting for blogging
      6. Choose blogging as a career.
          1. Making money from blogging is a blogger’s passion
          2. Who is a successful blogger?
      7. Does bloggers’ passion need any experience?
      8. How can we (passionate bloggers) sell our skills online?
      9. Does blogging help your business and follow your passion?
    2. Harnessing Blogs: Where Business Growth Meets Personal Passion
      1. Blogger’s passion is to solve customer problem
          1. How to decorate a Facebook Page like an online store?
          2. Why do you need a social media page for your business?
          3. Why do we need to market our product or service?
      2. An example of blogging to say about self-identity is bloggers’ passion.
    3. Conclusion

How to start a blog?

Before starting a blog, you should question yourself about your blog.

Do you want to reach a larger audience? Do you want to make them aware of your blog? What is your goal? Can you solve a problem through your blog? On which topic or subject are you going to help viewers get their answers?

Can you write well in any language? If the answer is yes, the following steps should be adaptable.

  1. Start by choosing free blogging. (Like,
  2. Select a topic and write quality content that is relevant to viewers.
  3. Choose the Proper Title, Subheading, and meta description of your blog.
  4. Select a suitable image that best fits your blog.
  5. Publish it and index it on the Google search console.

As you write more, you will learn more and become an expert in writing blogs.

Can I just passionately blog about my life?

If my life experience can help viewers to solve their problems then I think I can just blog about my life. As we progress through life, we acquire knowledge and face many challenges. However, it is essential to stay committed, confront these hurdles, and emerge stronger and more resilient. Anybody can get a solution from a blog where a proven solution is written by authors. 

So, If one has relevant and helpful content in the form of a blog then not only about life but other than life, like imaginative thoughts types of blogs that may be scientifically proven in the future, can be written.  Thoughts may be like the following…….

“If with just a click anybody reaches the other side of this earth. Like just a scan and ray cure cancer in a minute.”

Are blogs still profitable in 2024?

Before starting my journey as a blogger, I had never thought twice about profitability. Because I am passionate about writing a blog, seeing the audience reading my blogs, commenting, and sharing with others. As a result, I read any blog, never thinking about how much money the author is earning from the blog. Do you check it? When you do a good job, be rewarded.

If your question is about How to start a blog? Then the answer is for only those who know how to write a blog. That is quality and relevant to your viewers. The blogs are still profitable in 2024 to those who write good quality and relevant content for their viewers who search for it on Google search. So, are you writing good content?

Types of Blogs.

There are many types of blogs like

  1. Food blog
  2. Travel Blog
  3. Health Blog
  4. Personal blog
  5. Niche blog

and more.

Bloggers’ passion is Niche Selection for blogging.

Niche selection is necessary as it helps to place a passionate blogger to stand out in the crowd; if anybody thinks that just blogging will be a good idea when nobody can just blog without selecting any niche.

What is a niche?

A niche is a position where you can find yourself fit among the competitors. Is this a different definition I am trying to create? If all vacant positions are with many competitors. Then go down and find another place to set one niche that best fits a person. Medical science teaches the treatment of the whole body. If one can become an expert in only gum and teeth, he is called the dentist. For tongue treatment, such as changes in color, growth, or texture changes, an oral surgeon or an otolaryngologist can be the perfect niche. When the problem is the biggest, an expert can only be the best saver of one soul forever. So, choosing any niche, and becoming an expert will be a great solution.

Domain and Hosting for blogging

Believe me. At any rate, you can check your blogging ability for free in Blogspot, WordPress, and GoDaddy. But if you want to buy a domain and hosting, you can buy it from Hostinger. Hostinger is best for beginner bloggers. Initially, you need not worry about setting up your WordPress blog. If you collect more information about domains and hosting, it will help you experiment with it.  Hostinger offers a low price for domain and hosting; you can use this Referral code or go to Hostinger to buy your first domain and hosting. Moreover, a referral code will give you a 20% discount. You can use discount coupons from others. After purchasing the domain and hosting, you are now free to write a blog on your website and follow your passion for blogging because blogging should be a blogger’s passion.

Choose blogging as a career.

Can anyone say the right career for them? As we move forward with our continuous effort to improve our skills, we can realize our potential. You may then figure out the best career option for the present to solve the future of life. To think correctly means the arrangement of our words should be correct. How can one know what is going on in our thinking process? There is only one way we speak it out with our mouths or write it down on paper then anybody can understand it by listening or reading. But if anybody wants to learn something, then the information will be helpful for them. So, who will provide information to the learners, they can earn money, then expertise in any subject will be the best career option. Likely, blogging may be the best career option for anybody, and blogging should be a blogger’s passion.

Making money from blogging is a blogger’s passion

First, you should write good quality content that is relevant also. If the number of visitors to your website increases, then you can earn money from the following —

  1. Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Physical or Digital product offerings
  4. Subscriptions
  5. Coaching

I believe in work first. Certainly, the good work will open a door for solving your monetization effort.

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Who is a successful blogger?

A successful blogger gets more views and earns money from blogs. One cannot become successful overnight. So, you have to write good quality and relevant content that will answer your viewers. As a result, they will return to your blog to get more valuable answers. To rank on Google SERP takes time. So, a successful blogger must have the patience to wait and watch. But one should not forget that blogging should be a blogger’s passion.

Does bloggers’ passion need any experience?

How can one get experience? If you do not work or get an opportunity to show your skills, how can you become experienced? It is a billion-dollar question. So, we need to take the initiative to present the skill in front of an audience. You can choose any platform like social media, blog, etc.

How can we (passionate bloggers) sell our skills online?

If you can write good quality and relevant content just write it down on your blog. Because we can sell anything when we show our product. It may be online or offline. If you are a content writer, then write in your blog and show it to the audience or the person who has the authority to hire you as a content writer.

Does blogging help your business and follow your passion?

Like you have a physical presence with your physical store, you should have your online presence with an online store, blog, or website. People have smartphones in their hands to find a quick solution to their problems.

So, if you have a business that can solve their problems or needs, it is necessary that you have both your physical presence and online presence.

People will know about you and your business through your blogs. In your blogs, you can provide the details of you and your business. So, when you sleep, customers can still find you and your business. Customers can know about the products and the services you have available in your store. 

Communicating with customers by providing them with information about your business you need websites/blogs to furnish and fulfill customers’ requirements.

So, the answer to the question “Does blogging help your business?” is yes. Blogging can help your business. Blogging can reach more customers, and convert them into paid customers.

Harnessing Blogs: Where Business Growth Meets Personal Passion

Absolutely, blogging can be a powerful tool to both grow your business and pursue your passion. Here’s how:

  1. Business Growth: Blogging is a great way to grow your audience. Consistently post valuable content to attract potential customers, and convert readers into leads with calls-to-action and offers.
  2. Establishing Authority: Creating informative content in your niche can establish you as an authority, enhancing your brand and gaining customer trust.
  3. SEO Benefits: Search engines love fresh, relevant content. Regular blogging provides you with opportunities to incorporate target keywords, which can improve your website’s ranking in search engine results. Higher visibility means more organic traffic, which can translate into more business opportunities.
  4. Engagement and Interaction: Blogs facilitate direct interaction with your audience through comments, questions, and sharing thoughts. Engaging with readers builds community and understanding of customer needs.
  5. Showcasing Your Passion: Blogging offers a unique opportunity to exhibit your ardor and engage with your audience through the dissemination of personal anecdotes and encounters.
  6. Networking and Connections: By blogging, you can establish connections with other professionals and enthusiasts in your industry, which can result in fruitful collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities that can benefit your business even more.
  7. Long-Term Value: Blog content has long-term effects compared to some other forms of marketing. This is because older blog posts can still generate leads, drive traffic, and contribute to the growth of your business for months or even years. It remains accessible and relevant over time.
  8. Skill Development: Creating a blog is essential to enhance your communication, research, and content creation abilities, which are vital skills that can be used to improve other aspects of your business operations.

In essence, blogging can serve as a dual-purpose tool, helping you promote your business while expressing and nurturing your passion. However, it’s essential to approach blogging strategically by creating valuable content, understanding your target audience, and maintaining consistency.

Blogger’s passion is to solve customer problem

We should run an ad campaign after establishing our physical presence and online presence. So, just blogging can help any business to grow and move faster. A passionate blogger should keep in mind that just blogging with relevant topics can help detail any business. If you want to reach more customers, just blogging should be bloggers passion is the best solution. By creating your social media page, you can show your online presence and people will trust you and your business as they are getting value consistently from your content. The following image shows the online presence of Blog of Anup through Facebook.

Facebook Page
Blog of Anup’s Facebook Page

Our online presence should be like our physical presence. Like we have our physical store along the road. We have the name of our store and a description of it. People will first see our store name and then about the store. It will connect what people will buy and what the store has with a specific name. People will remember the store name when the products match their needs. So, we should not take it lightly because it helps people to find their solutions.

Our social media page should convey what it has in order to get people’s attention. The more specific our products and services, the more people will find them relevant to their needs.

How to decorate a Facebook Page like an online store?

Creating your social media page like you have your own blog is equally important to spread awareness of your business. A unique name of your business with a unique intro is highly appreciated by your viewers. If you feel the bio in your intro part is not projecting the right message for your viewers, you may update it. So, the proper name of your social media page and proper intro message will get the attention of viewers who find the exact content at the same time when they require it. Don’t let your visitor ignore and skip the page.

I have changed the bio and cover photo one time on Facebook and the cover photo (background photo) three times on LinkedIn. Because I thought it was not displaying the right message for my viewers.

Why do you need a social media page for your business?

Suppose I think of running an ad campaign for my business and find the expert within budget, I am finding quality solutions at low prices. So, experts are still required for this purpose.

But if I choose to learn the skill and implement it in my business later, an expert is still required for this purpose.

For all this, I will search for solutions online to get any online and offline help.

So, here is the question of how the businesses will position themselves to provide solutions to their target customers. Like you are just blogging and positioning your solution to get the attention of your viewers for the following passion as bloggers passion.

Why do we need to market our product or service?

In my area, I have not heard anyone get their business online because here word of mouth is one of the marketing elements that is used. People are excited to buy things when they hear about a particular business that has some unique products. But I have never searched for their online presence. Regarding online presence, I want to mention they do not have any website but may have local listings through Google Maps. 

The reason maybe there is not much competition. People can easily find one from a small number of businesses. In a low-population area, if one wants to start any business, they just need to invite some guests on the opening day. If one can invest more money, they just get help from any celebrity to inaugurate the store. But you see we have already got the example when spreading awareness of our business through inviting guests or celebrities because they have a strong presence in society.

Small businesses can spread awareness of their business online through social media and websites. So, blogging is the only way to spread awareness of any business through posting on social media and websites. A passionate blogger always remembers that just blogging should be bloggers’ passion.

An example of blogging to say about self-identity is bloggers’ passion.

I am Anup Ain, a passionate blogger who writes content for everybody. I can help your business reach more people by writing relevant and quality content. If the content is the king, I can create such content that no one will reject but only engage with forever. It is a blogger’s commitment who knows just blogging should be the bloggers’ passion.


A passionate writer who loves and likes to write blogs can follow their passion by writing on any topic he has better knowledge of the same. Just blogging is the right approach to fulfilling our dreams by providing solutions to our thoughts.

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