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How do I gain experience blogging?

I had zero blogging experience, which was nearly a difficult task for me to write and structure anything. Moreover, having been a technical part of blogging, I thought I would never be able to create my own blog. But today, I learned how to set up a WordPress blog. I will share all the steps on how I gained my blogging experience with the WordPress blog. To gain expertise in blogging you need to start writing with your favorite topic.

Table of Contents

  1. How do I gain experience blogging?
    1. Guide to start blogging
    2. I have learned many things about digital marketing
    3. Learn Digital Marketing from the Internship Programme
    4. Certification Programme I completed
    5. What should I do after completing the course?
    6. What is a blogging experience?
    7. Choose your favorite topic for blogging
    8. How to check spelling and grammar in Google Docs?
    9. Getting a Perfect 100 with Grammarly: Simplified Guide

Guide to start blogging

The first day is always important to me. At the same time, the first day of writing my first blog was exciting. Above all, I felt proud to think like a writer. Do you Know? I am not a master in English; For that reason, if you want to know what steps I took to solve this, they are like 1) I started listening to English news and 2) reading newspapers and books.

To gain experience blogging, I have decided to write consistently. Being a student, I am committed to improving my learning and writing in English.

To not decide which topic, I should write about and share my thoughts in a blog, I started writing blogs with the help of Google. I wrote my first blog on; It is free.
As I didn’t have any expertise in any subject. I chose to write about random topics coming into my mind.

After I heard about Digital Marketing, I started searching for it. And I found a free course named ‘The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing in the Google Digital Unlocked certification program.

I have learned many things about digital marketing

they are –

1) how I can present myself online; what is relevant and quality content Google prefers for its users, 2) how you can present your business online and reach your target audiences and inspire them to buy your product.
You can sell products online through e-commerce stores, sell courses through video content according to their needs, and create content like blogs, articles, and video content.

Google helps all users by providing relevant solutions to the problems they face in their lives; I learned about keywords that users usually put into the search box for a specific answer.
For the relevant answer or solution to the problems, Google finds the websites that are related or nearly related to the queries using keywords.

Google SERP shows two types of search results, they are 1) organic and 2) paid service. Organic results need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which can rank your website on Google SERP higher by paid service and organically. You have to pay Google to rank your website on the first page of SERP when using Google Ads; organic is a free service.

Learn Digital Marketing from the Internship Programme

I forgot to mention that I completed an Internship Program in Digital Marketing from the Digital Deepak Internship Programme mentored by Digital Deepak. In this internship program, I have learned lots of Digital Marketing skills. But before enrolling in DDIP, I watched lots of free videos of Digital Deepak and included YouTube videos to choose the right mentor for me.

Certification Programme I completed

Google Digital Unlocked – The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Digital Deepak – Digital Deepak Internship Training Programme

LinkedIn Learning – SEO Foundation

SkillUP by Simplilearn – Advanced Search Engine Optimization Certification Programme

Hubspot Academy – SEO

DooGraphics – Graphic Designer

What should I do after completing the course?

My mentor suggested buying a domain and hosting it for a long time. Therefore, I purchased my hosting from Hostinger for 48 months. It will help me practice on my site; I will implement it besides learning new things. I can also wait for ranking on Google Search results, which will enhance my writing and technical skills.

If you are a beginner, then Google autosuggest will help you find the keywords, and you should write content with keywords that are low competition and high search volume. For example, Google Keyword Planner is a free service to research your keyword. But there are many free keyword research tools you can find by searching with the “free keyword researching tool”. Above all, you can get a Google keyword planner in Google Ads.

If you get Praise for your work

blogging experience

When I got praise from my mentor, I knew no bounds to express my joy with you. If your work gets praised by one of the best Digital Marketers and Mentors after hard work, you can’t control yourself from finding happiness. To gain experience in blogging, I have made it one of the most memorable days in my life.

What is a blogging experience?

A proficient person, whom we consider, works a particular job for a long time; As we progress in our lives, we face too many things by visualizing or doing. Blogging experience will mature when we write more blogs for a long time. Thus, we can improve many things like our writing skills and knowledge of a particular subject.

Choose your favorite topic for blogging

After you have learned how to start your blogging career, it is time to choose your favorite topic. For example, it may be sports, music, arts, and science. Moreover, writing consistently will improve your skills. In the beginning, if you think that you do not have expertise in any subject. Then, just learning and applying it in your blog will slowly increase your knowledge and you will become an expert.

How to check spelling and grammar in Google Docs?

You need to check the spelling and grammar of your chosen language because it should be correct. The audience will feel free to read your blog when they have no problem understanding the topic. You should check your readability score in the SEO tool. I will suggest you use Yoast SEO for both SEO and Readability score. You can also check your spelling and grammar in Google Docs. Write your sentence in Google Docs you will see a blue underline in every wrong and misspelled word. If there is no blue underline you need to select all the paragraphs or sentences you need to check then go to the tool’s menu. You will find spelling and grammar options at the top of the list. You may press ctrl+alt+x shortcut key to do the same.

Getting a Perfect 100 with Grammarly: Simplified Guide

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