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This question should be What can marketing do for a product? Because we never sell business, we sell products. So, If the product has the market or you can say customers need it, the next step is to reach the target customers. But how can we reach it? The answer is through marketing. So, if marketing can help to reach the target customer then it is automatically doing what a business wants.

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What is the market and what is marketing?

If the market is suggesting the number of stores then communicating and delivering what customers need is marketing. Through various institutions and processes if we make some offer and deliver the products, it will then be called marketing.

A business has at its core that is a product or you can say the solution. But how can customers find the solution to their problem? It is marketing. Marketing and Market is helping to connect businesses and customers. If there is no market there will be no marketing and the product will go unsold. 

How can marketing help a business?

A new product can get its customers, and an existing product can scale more, so a business can benefit from marketing. People through various sources, media, and platforms know their solution to what a business offers. But how can this be possible? It is marketing. 

A business can show its products, solutions, and services through advertising its products in various channels and media. And all this you can do through marketing. Marketing is to know what customers need, and what customers’ problems are and then give some offers and solutions.

So, what you can do by marketing.

  • Showing products, solutions, and services.
  • Know your customers.
  • Figure out the best solutions to problems.
  • Distribute the product.
  • Can get feedback from the customers.
  • Analyze the success and failure
  • Repurpose, Repackage, Remarket, and Retarget
  • Constantly communicate and retain customer

In brief, marketing can help a business in many ways and find proper solutions to each problem. 


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