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In 2020 I found myself doing something to get back my earning status. Therefore, I got into Digital Marketing. I thoroughly inquired about it and decided to step into this highly demanded skill. From the very beginning, my intention was to get a job in the field of DM. So, I started searching about it on Google and saw many videos on YouTube. I completed some free and paid courses regarding digital marketing. Now I quickly know what DM is. After completing the internship program, I decided to improve my knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It may not be as simple as you see this at a glance.

Table of Contents

  1. Digital and Marketing
    1. How to sell products in big traffic?
    2. Word of mouth for digital marketing
    3. DM Blogs
    4. Digital Marketing benefits
    5. Conclusion

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Digital and Marketing

Although it is said that digital marketing is marketing more than digital. But I saw that I was getting technical knowledge also. I like to learn technical knowledge to some extent because it boosts my pride. But don’t think it is as simple as you see this at a glance.

If marketing is to know the skill of selling your product, digitally doing it is more the upper hand. Because you need not reach physically to everyone but by only presenting yourself online. Presenting products and services online so easily they can decide to buy them from anywhere they feel comfortable.  

Free course from Websites and YouTube Videos

1. Website list for free Digital Marketing course

Fundamentals of digital marketing – Google Digital Garage
Free Basic Digital Marketing Course – Simplilearn
Free Digital Marketing Basics Course – Udemy

2. Learn Digital Marketing from YouTube
Digital Marketing Institute

How to sell products in big traffic?

To get traffic or customers to your business you have to find the crowd. Because you can sell your product where you find heavy traffic.  Online is the same game. Where you show your product, service, or skill on a high-traffic social media platform like Facebook. The interested audience will connect with you through different kinds of activities. They may like, share, and recommend you, even if they may provide their email ID and Phone number.

For a physical store along the roads, there are many onlookers and pedestrians. But some of them who need your product will buy from you. Online you may see the same picture. Because there are many visitors who come to consume content, not all will be your customers. If you know what the market needs, you may present them online or offline. You have to open your physical store every day to let your customers know about your presence. Online you also are active in making your presence get more attention. When someone pays attention, show your product to them. Tell them the USP of your product. The quality of the product and the price will be a decisive medium for you and your customers. 

Word of mouth for digital marketing

Everybody will know about the quality of the product after using it. So, if it is good all tasters will recommend it to others. Before pricing and getting feedback on the product, we can give a sample of the products to everybody. But in every case, you can’t apply for it. You can’t apply for it when you sell a Television, Computer, or Smartphone. Either we can sell on loan. In this case, your first product will be your last product to the customers who might return if the quality is best. They also recommend the nearest and dearest persons. We should not forget about the competitors because they can also get the result of word of mouth. Therefore, making continuous efforts to improve the product and the overall factors around it will be right from a sales point of view.

Guava seller
Guava seller in the crowd

In the above image, you may not see the crowd but he is standing in a crowd and waiting for the customers. All the crowds are not his customers but some of them will definitely buy from him. So, I think this example will help you to understand DM at a glance.

DM Blogs

Blogs written on this topic will be called DM blogs. But to start blogging you don’t need to learn DM. Blogging is a part of DM.

How to start DM?

  1. Start with Graphic design

    Graphic Design skills will help you learn to make different types of posts, reels, thumbnails, videos, background images, etc. Canva is a graphic design tool that you can use to create stunning graphics.


  2. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

    Start your DM journey with the fundamentals of digital marketing. It is free. You can search for a free digital marketing course. Google Digital Garage has a free course – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, which is a great resource for learning the basics.

    Google digital garage

  3. Specialized in any niche

    Specialization in any niche like SEO, or SEM will help you to work on a particular subject and become an expert in what the industry demands. You can use SEO or SEM (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing) techniques to improve online visibility and drive traffic.


A DM blog may be Search Engine Optimization or a total DM blog where you can find all the segments of DM.

Digital Marketing benefits

DM is cost-effective, which is why the planned budget will get a high ROI. Then you can reach your target at the right time in the right place with the right message. For an awareness campaign, DM can help you reach to largest audience that I like most. I figured out some key benefits they are –

  • Free
  • Cost-effective
  • Reach target audience
  • Retarget audience
  • Analytics and strategy
  • ROI


So far we have already known that DM can help to reach the largest audience with the right message from blogs, websites, and social media; businesses that have their products can sell through it and get the highest ROI.

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Hey, my name is Anup Ain. I am a blogger and a digital marketing intern. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.