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The benefit of blogging is to share our knowledge in subject, topic, and expertise. Students when learning a subject become knowledgeable and can share their views and ideas for new. We look at so many things and read so many books to expand our boundaries of acquiring knowledge. What students think after reading a book, if they write down on paper and then put a different acceptable view that had not earlier said by anyone, may write on their blogs. So, the benefits of blogging for students is they can share their knowledge, experience, and views in their blogs.

What students tell today, an author tells a few years later, when a student turns an Author.

An opinion is not only a thought but an extract of a whole.

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Can students solve students’ problems?

Like a teacher can solve a student’s problem. Students can also solve students’ problems. Students can share their past exam preparation with crores of students. Thus they can get benefits for their upcoming exam. 

Students can write blogs, and create YouTube videos, and podcasts to help and monetize their content. By creating content students open the door to earning money and helping with valuable material with others. 

Students have many challenges and struggles to face throughout their education. Students can share their experiences because they have also figured out solutions to each problem. So this solution may be written pointwise against each problem.

Students can also gather information from Google

Students can research their topic and get answers for their solutions from Google to write their blogs. From the books and Web content, a valuable solution may be extracted and written in a blog post.

Students can also become masters in their chosen field. Students can have a strong hold on their favorite subject.

After all, students become masters because teachers become teachers after becoming students.


If students can get information and knowledge from blogs then they can also provide their knowledge, information, and experience in blogs. The benefits of blogging for students are many but what is more important is that can gather experience by sharing their knowledge.

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