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What should we choose to live?

You know we all need money. Money can buy honey, even anything you can dream of, but life is not all about money. Life is not also the time between birth and death. We have to do some activities that can impact heavily on this earth. The life of living beings, before we are born and after death, will be the same. The existence of this universe is more important than your money or your life.

When I say your money or your life, express the individual matter. But togetherness is there on this beautiful earth. Yes, I can say my life is the best. Then it is not all that you mean. Whatever reason there may be, I can say my life is best will mention only monetary situation of an individual.

Are you Happy?

You feel happy when you get success. Money is the means, but life is the result. We work hard to get a good result. The life, we say, we do so many good things to get a better life.

How happy you are with the result will point to the satisfactory level of your achievement. Life is how satisfied you are at present. You are joyful because you are pleased with the result.

Do we respect our parents and this nature?

Our parents play a tremendous role in shaping our future. They start by giving us a good education. Nature also shows its unique presence in our day-to-day activities. Don’t we need to look after our parents and this beautiful nature?

Are we not responsible for the overall activities done in this world? Don’t we take care of all the creatures of this beautiful world? We should take care of our parents in their old age. We must take care of everyone to be together.

The relation between your money and your life

You can count how much money you have in numbers. The money I can get by doing any job or laboring. If I have a huge property, I can easily estimate the cost of this. But life you can measure by how you feel right now. Are you struggling to manage your daily expenses? Life as a whole is labeled by monetary status or professional status. But this is not the right kind of approach towards life. To live only we need food but we all are not growing food. From this perspective of life, farmers should have a better life than others. But reality is something else. A mischievous boy may have a bundle of rupees in his pocket. So, can you say the boy has a happy life?

If life is all about happiness and unhappiness then what is money? If you have more money, you can buy many things but whether that will satisfy you or not isn’t guaranteed. So, what is in your hands is that you can still feel happiness if you do not have enough money or no money. 

I’d keep working if God blessed me to work without pay but ensured I wouldn’t go hungry. But I think it is not possible in reality, that is why we need money to earn our necessities. 

How to become happy without money?

  1. Buy things that are necessary.
  2. Ensure that you have some money.
  3. Try to get a job.
  4. Stay connected to Nature
  5. Drink enough water
  6. Read books or listen to music
  7. Take a long walk
  8. Keep away from bad habits
  9. Keep calm

Peace is there around us; we just need to find it. Engaging with meaningful work will bring peace to us.

What is meaningful to you (your money or your life)?

The work you love and like and never feel exhausted is meaningful work that may indirectly or directly help all. Here I am not using passion because that might or might not help others. Suppose I like to write a blog and share my ideas, thoughts, experiences, and knowledge that may or may not be helpful to others. But as it is my passion, I accept it as meaningful work. So, first, take the job that is meaningful to you, and the remaining rests in the hands of viewers/users.

If you follow your passion for a long time and become an expert on it, you may share the knowledge later with others for earning. There are many passions and passionate people who become established in their field. Actor, Player, and singer follow their passion first money comes to them if they achieve something extraordinary success. If one can’t get such success, they can still earn money by teaching.

Is it necessary to become successful in getting your money or your life?

To start my blogging passion, I would like it if the audience loved reading my blogs. So, my success lies in when I meet and satisfy my audience’s expectations. So, you may understand that to become successful is our goal, not the whole. If you definitely love and follow your passion you will just continue doing it till the end of your life. And that is why great writers and poets were born.


I am not happy to give a conclusion so quickly. But what we need to know is that money may be the means to buy anything, life is more than what you think about money.

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