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Why are we bored?

When I have nothing to do, I am bored. But nobody works all the time. So, we feel bored when nothing interesting is happening in the thought process or in front of us. If you walk, you feel a movement changing from one place to another, but you feel tired when you cross the limit of your strength. Maybe you see something sitting in your home, and you will not feel bored until you have a deficiency in thoughts. If there is nothing to think about or one thought coming, again and again, we feel bored. What to do?

What happens when we concentrate on our work?

When we concentrate on our work, preparing for our exams, or any task, we have a goal in mind. The goal is to crack the exam and finish the task on time. So, our mind automatically concentrates because of our need to achieve a goal. If you are in your Workplace where you go to earn money, you are concerned that the service you provide to your owner will return some reward in the shape of salary or commission. 

You are running every day to reach the finishing point. In this process sometimes we feel bored, and sometimes we happy.

If you are preparing for your exam, reading books for a long time, you might feel bored because you lack some energy. Eating food will increase your energy. Drinking water will fill your body’s estimated level. You may need to change your place and walk for a few minutes. 

What is the role of Physical exercise in our life when bored?

Anybody can overcome boredom with daily exercise. But how many of you can do it daily? What is possible is that we can walk in the morning. We can do some basic physical exercise. Suppose you are sitting in your home or office for hours; your fitness level will automatically go down. And that is why you need some break to free yourself from your boredom and do some movement or exercise.

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