Online PR in Digital Marketing: The Power Duo

handshake between digital marketing and PR professionals, website icons, social media logos, and analytics charts

In today’s digital age, a powerful one-two punch is essential for businesses: effective digital marketing and strategic public relations (PR). While they might seem like separate entities, PR in digital marketing is a match made in branding heaven. What is PR in Digital Marketing? Traditionally, PR focused on building relationships with media outlets to secure … Read more

Build Social Media Growth: Ditch Guest Blogging

Ditch Guest Blogging: Build Social Media Growth

Keeping up with the ever-changing social media landscape can be overwhelming, particularly when interacting with your target audience. Guest blogging was a prevalent technique in the past, and should be used with care, and other options should be explored for long-term success. To enhance your social media presence concentrate on developing a loyal fanbase and … Read more