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Is it possible to become a Content writer?

Before I start my career as a content writer, I am confused about where to start and what topic I choose. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become a content writer. As a result, to solve this problem I took the help of Jayasty A. who is a content writer. Jayasty A cleared my confusion besides helping me start my own content writing. I am sharing with you the following discussion with Jayasty and me about starting a career as a content writer.

An interview with Jayasty A.

Me: Madam, I want to know about content writing.

Jayasty : Hi, sure. What do you want to know?

Me: How can I start my career as a content writer?

Jayasty : Start with your own blog.

Me: What will be the topic I should choose to write in my blog? I am confused.

Jayasty : That’s what I need to decide.

Find from the 3 main markets health, wealth, and relationship


Which resonates with your interest.

Me: What about the SEO part to improve my content writing skills?

Jayasty : You can learn keyword research. That’s more than enough.

Else there are companies who give keywords themselves and you just have to write content around those keywords.

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Me: May I create my brand with content writing?

Jayasty : You can.

Me: Thank you for the information. It’s really helpful.

Jayasty : 👍

Confusion helps choose the right direction

After a meaningful discussion, I arrived at the conclusion that I need not worry. If your interest matches the market then go ahead and write with keywords that are relevant and related to search queries. The SEO part is keyword research. Although there is more than that keyword research in SEO. But if you learn how to do keyword research you have done the most. An SEO course will be helpful to know more about keyword research. So, you can get help with any paid course available online or you can try a free course and then a paid course.

How to become a content writer with no experience?

We know initially we start work in any field with no experience. If we go through any training program slowly, we learn and implement and gather experience. Like the Digital Marketing Internship Programme, we get experience by doing this. 

When we become content writers, we already gather some experience and without experience, no one evaluates their performance. Starting content writing with our own blog is the first step to going ahead and checking our capability.  If your content ranks in Google SERP, you become a content writer with no experience. But without experience and observation, you can’t write on your own blog.

Start writing with a keyword that is searched in Google Search, writing long-form, pointwise, informative content for solving the query of any keywords. 

First of all, if you are a good reader, you can check your mistakes by revising your content. So, the first reader of your content is you. If you feel happy after reading your content you can submit it in front of your viewers. 

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Example of creating a story by writing content

A boy was always thinking under a tree in his village. He thought about the daily problems the villagers had to face. The boy was so kind and thoughtful. He tried to solve the problem of villagers. There was a school in a nearby village but it took a long time to reach the school. When he used to return home, it was almost night. The boy thought if a school would be there right in his village, it would be good for traveling. All the other students might benefit also.

One day he took paper and a pencil. He wrote a letter to the President. The letter was about the problem of not having a school in his village. He completed the letter and took it with him to the school. In the middle of the way to the school, there is a post office near a football playground. After posting the letter into the post box he reached his school and started thinking of the result of his idea. After a few weeks, he got a reply from the office of the President. It surprised him very much when he saw a school being built in his village. He could not control his joy. He spread the news of school across the village happily.

Outline the content

So far you see I have the outlines for creating this content as follows.

  • Title – How to become a content writer?
  • Heading 1 – Is it possible to become a Content writer?
  • Heading 5
    • An Interview with Jayasty A.
    • Confusion helps choose the right direction
    • How to become a content writer with no experience?
    • Example of creating a story by writing content
    • Outline the content
    • Conclusion

Breaking up the content with sub-heading makes the content easily scannable. More detailing with subcategories gives the opportunity to reader a more informative solution. After searching for the keyword ‘how to become a content writer?’ Google Keyword Planner shows 196 keyword ideas. So many ideas open up so many opportunities to write content for the viewers. 


If you have good control over writing in any language, which is the first requirement, you can start your content writing career any time. Firstly, as we see that we can start our journey with our own blog, the remaining part is just researching the keyword of viewers search in search engines and writing content around it. Secondly, outline your content with Title, Heading, Sub-heading, bullet point, variety of sentence, and using enough transition words increase your readability score. Thirdly, giving a conclusion at the end of your content emphasizes the purpose and importance of the content. And lastly, we know that everything takes time to reach its expected level. So, waiting and keeping patience for success is necessary in the end.

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