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I was thrilled to discover AI video creation tools and eager to try them out without wasting any time. These tools automatically convert text into video, which was a game-changer for me. Traditional video creation methods can be time-consuming, but the AI revolution in 2023 promises to deliver high-quality output in less time.

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The Power of AI in the Workplace (AI video creation tools)

We all know the power of AI video creation tools Today. It will provide you the result with accuracy in less time. So, you no longer need to keep struggling to get any result. We have made this tool so intelligent that you will sometimes be surprised looking at its performance. 

Tool #1: Lumen 5

Lumen 5 is Text to a video generator. In its home page dashboard, you will find  7 menus. They are All videos, Instant videos, Brand Kits, Saved templates, Analytics, Trash, and Projects. As an excited guy, I didn’t look at anything except clicking on the plus button of the new video in the All Videos menu. It will just open a new window where you can choose a template according to your choice. You can preview these templates. Choose the format according to your needs. Then click on the “use this template button”. Just paste the script on the blank space of the story menu. Click on the convert to video button.

Lumen 5 (Ai video creation tools)

Tool #2:

After logging into your Pictory account, you will find the dashboard with several options such as script to video, article to video, edit videos using text, and visuals to video. Since I was eager to use this tool, I clicked on the script to video option. After clicking on the proceed button, you will be redirected to the script editor page, where you can type or paste your script after entering the video name. There is a scene-setting dropdown button at the top right corner which you can select according to your choice. Click on the proceed button to move to the next step.

You will see several templates to choose from. Select one, click on the Select button, choose the format (aspect ratio), and click on Continue. After a few seconds of processing, your project will be visible. You can add videos and images from the visuals menu, as well as stickers, GIFs, and emojis from the elements menu. Additionally, you can include music and voice-over by selecting the language and gender of the voice. It’s also possible to change the format of the text. After selecting all the options, you can preview the video before downloading it. The video quality is excellent. Ai video creation tool like is awesome. (Ai video creation tools)

Tool #3: (AI video creation tools)

I was searching for a “text to animation ai” video on the Google search engine and came across Upon logging in, I found the dashboard with various options such as text to video, text to animation, and more. Excited to make an animation video, I clicked on the text to animation button. A box “auto-generate script” appears, but you can close it and find the script editor space. Type or paste your script by scenes 1, and 2 and fill the blank beside the question: What is your video about? Choose the type of video and source, and add voice-over by selecting language, gender, accent, and voice. You can also check auto highlights and music. Click on the next button and select your preferred theme. The process will start soon, and you can publish your video to download after checking the video title, size, and type. (Ai video creation tools)


I was experiencing like I had never thought this day would come. All these three ai tools took just  seconds to complete any task. Before we did all the steps separately and it took more time to complete and make any video. Now the performance and quality are also good with these ai tools.

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